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Bayan Ghanem

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” - Marianne Williamson 


My journey began in the classroom, where I had the privilege of working with young minds who will shape our world as time moves forward. It was throughout this experience that I felt a calling to delve deeper into the emotional well-being of individuals. This led me to transition into the field of mental health counseling. After graduating with my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and interning at Khalil Center in Lombard, IL, it brings me great pleasure to start my career in the mental health field at R&B Counseling. I am passionate and excited about supporting individuals in their journey towards improved mental health and healthy lifestyles that revolve around learning and understanding one’s own power. The prospect of helping people navigate life's challenges and facilitating personal growth fills me with immense excitement. I aim to provide a safe and empathetic space for clients to explore emotions, develop coping strategies, and work towards a happier, more fulfilling life. Let's embark on this path to healing together!

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