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Stone Road

Sabrina Albert

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Sabrina is a therapist, teacher, coach, and speaker.  She is passionate about social justice and being of service to the community. That passion shows in her work and in her life. She founded Stone Catchers Counseling on the idea that everyone, regardless of their background, can recover and live a healthy, joy-filled life.


Sabrina was motivated by supporters in her life at an early age. She began her career at a group home for juvenile sex offenders. That experience inspired Sabrina to attend graduate school.


Throughout her graduate school career, Sabrina had the opportunity to work in several specialized settings that helped shape the therapist and person that she is today. While attending classes, she worked in an addictions program at a local behavioral health center. It was there that Sabrina started to truly understand how important early childhood experiences are in shaping adulthood. Sabrina immersed herself in learning about the many impacts of child abuse and treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


From there, Sabrina worked on a mobile crisis team, helping to stabilize those who were experiencing a mental health crisis. It was her internship in the prison system, however, that had the greatest impact on Sabrina. Providing counseling services for offenders showed her how harsh and unforgiving the criminal justice system could be. She saw the possibilities. She saw people putting in the work to make a change. She saw rehabilitation. Sabrina also saw that, for many, their lives would be defined in that one action, that one moment of one day. Sabrina graduated with her master’s degree in 2009 and made it her mission to carry the message of recovery and rehabilitation, with a focus on inspiring others to join her passion for social justice.


Sabrina began teaching in 2009 and has been seeing clients in a private setting since 2011. She also works as a crisis intervention therapist in the emergency department at a local hospital. From teaching at Triton College to working with women impacted by abortion at Rachael’s Vineyards, it is the full scope of Sabrina’s experiences that has led to her current career.


Those experiences have become the foundation of Stone Catchers Counseling and Sabrina’s personal approach to therapy. Her approach emphasizes the unconscious mind, therapeutic interpretation, and early childhood experiences to help clients better understand the unconscious forces impacting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is a deep dive into core issues ending with long-term results.


Sabrina’s commitment to social justice, thoughtful connections, and caring service is what makes Stone Catchers Counseling a premiere therapy center.

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