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Stone Road

Steve Ziganto

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Growing up as the only heavy sibling among three brothers, Steve began his journey of learning how to fight his health complications from their source – food. Now weighing the same as his seventh-grade self, and free from his depression, joint pain, and hypertension,he eagerly helps others through their own medical peril.

After a full decade of combined schooling, rotations, and clinical experience in the nutrition field, Steve has accumulated vast amount of experience in tailoring condition management to a person’s lifestyle, culture, schedule, and preferences. As a result, two individuals with similar backgrounds, goals, and medical history may have two vastly different experiences to provide a more optimal pathway to success.

His core nutritional belief is how success comes from sustainable changes, and thus his main task when working with a patient is to make this a simple, enjoyable, and effective practice. When these three characteristics describe your intake, long-term success is attainable. He can provide the education, tools, recipes, and substitution ingredients to make your goals realistic and lasting.

His experience as a dietitian has included seeing the most nutritionally complex patients his home health agency has to offer. He assisted with the creation of programs for urological oncology, heart failure, heart transplant protocol, cardiopulmonary program, and preventative cardiac wellness. He is a lead dietitian, teaching other dietitians how to be more effective in their own practice. He also has experience working with both athletes and eating disorders. The summation of these experiences allows him to mitigate even a complex collection of conditions using options the patient will enjoy.

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