Stone Road

Meg Ciszek

Fitness Coach


Meg Ciszek is majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Massage Therapy, at Indiana State University. After this summer, she will have one more year left of her undergraduate degree and then is looking to peruse her Masters in Exercise Science. All throughout her life, she was a very active kid playing basketball with her friends, going on bike rides, hiking, and swimming. Meg really began to become interested in fitness in high school when she decided to join Track and Field. Before the season started she would work out with her sister, taking various exercise classes and weightlifting on her own. She loves to use fitness as a way to unwind from the day and tune out the rest of the world and really focus on herself. Fitness has helped her to gain confidence in not only her appearance but also in what she is capable of achieving in general. While guiding her clients along their fitness journey, she hopes that they, too, will be able to see how much they are capable of doing. 


Meg is excited to be interning at Stone Catchers and getting some more hands-on experience training clients. She is also excited for all of the learning opportunities to come, along with meeting and working with clients to help them achieve their goals. Furthermore, she hopes that after the sessions, her clients will be motivated to continue incorporating exercise into their everyday lives and to live a happier and healthier lifestyle!