Stone Road

Ko Chandetka

Fitness Coach


An accomplished bodybuilding career spanning three decades, Phoothaphone “Ko” Chandetka won the 1991 NPC Teen Overall USA Championships and followed up with many more impressive results over the years, including overall victories at events such as the NPC Powerhouse Classic in 1995 and the NPC Masters Nationals Overall in 2014. In 2016, Ko was part of the first group of athletes to compete in the Classic Physique division at the Mr Olympia competition, the biggest show in bodybuilding, where he placed 7th in a competitive and crowded field. He lives in Illinois and is the proud father of two children.


He finds great joy in motivating others to be their best by reaching out to share his story. A story marked by addiction, depression, dysfunctional relationships, and personal tragedy.


You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram @kochandetka