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Kelsey Haynes

Fitness Coach


Kelsey Haynes is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and has been a Certified Personal Trainer through World Instructor Training Schools since Spring of  2017. Kelsey has spent over the last three years coaching athletes of a wide variety of fitness levels. Since her time as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at MFC Sports Performance, Kelsey has gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience coaching both young and adult athletes on their unique or sport-specific goals.

Between growing up a competitive cheerleader, avid bike rider, and hiker, Kelsey would describe herself as being active throughout life. However, she would say discovering bodybuilding, especially learning how to lift weights is what got her into fitness. From there, it became so much more than looking a certain way - incorporating and staying consistent to a vigorous exercise and healthy diet routine has trickled down to improve many aspects of her life. Kelsey would argue that the confidence she has gained alone makes her so genuinely eager to educate others on how to live a healthy lifestyle of their own. As a Nutritional Sciences major at Arizona State University, group fitness instructor, and coach, Kelsey strives to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle for everyone and anyone.

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With an enormous amount of gratitude, Kelsey can say she's had the opportunity to train athletes of all ages and fitness levels in the local area for over the last three years. Since being certified through World Instructor Training Schools in 2017, Kelsey primarily has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach providing one-on-one personal training to achieve her clients’ unique and/or sport specific goals. Kelsey has also found great passion in coaching Group Fitness classes for adults as well as Volleyball, Hockey, and various other sports teams. Kelsey's ultimate goal is to educate everyone she has the pleasure of working with on how to create their own attainable healthy lifestyle for the long term. Creating athletes for life and of all abilities keeps Kelsey dedicated to strive daily towards a better version of herself. Between growing up a competitive cheerleader, avid bike rider, and hiker, Kelsey would describe herself as always being active throughout life and having a passion for the outdoors. However, it wasn’t until she discovered bodybuilding, specifically weight training that personally got her started. Kelsey feels her dedication speaks for itself by how much she’s accomplished thus far in the health and fitness industry. As a group fitness instructor, coach, and a previous Nutritional Sciences major, Kelsey is eager to show you what the benefits of exercise and a well balanced diet can bring at any age or experience level!